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30" 236W Super Bright 10W+3W Hybrid Led Light Bar, Hook bracket available
【Brief】:Unique optical design with 10w+3w hybrid leds, to make lights in brightest, widest and furthest than regular light bars, best ideal lights used for ATV,UTV,Jeep etc
【Series】:Led Hybrid Light

30" 236W Super Bright 10W+3W Hybrid Led Light Bar, Hook bracket available

1. Product Introduction of 30 inch hybrid led light bar

AURORA lights are best lights with highest brightness and number one the waterproof rating. Lights passed IP68&IP69K, SAE, RoHS, E-mark certificate etc. And products pass tests like Salty Spray Test, High/Low Temperature test, UV test, aging test, waterproof test, vibration test, etc. 

2. Product Specification of 30 inch hybrid led light bar

3. Product Features of 30 inch hybrid led light bar

1. Leds: 3w+10w mixed with spot light beam, make lights brighest,widest and furthest.
2. 5 years of continuous use won't change color (Dupont painting, UV-RESISTANT)
3. IP69k Waterproof Rating, it's best in industry
4. GE LEXAN lense, 300 times harder than Glass(prevent scratches)

4. Product Details of 30 inch hybrid led light bar

5. Product Application of 30 inch hybrid led light bar

Usage: SUV, 4x4, mining vehicle, Jeep, ATV, off road, heavy equipment Truck, Motorcycle, Boat truck, engineering vehicles, tanks, boat etc.

6. Product Certificate of 30 inch hybrid led light bar


7. Delivery, Shipping and Serving of 30 inch hybrid led light bar


Q: What is the warranty ?

The warranty is 2 years.

Q: Why customer need a hybrid light bar ?
A: Current market are all with 5w leds light bar,the power are not enough to meet the demands, to save energe and make lights in best heat dissipation but also enjoy the high brightness and high power, this 10w+3w hybrid lights are needed.

Q: What is IP69K waterproof ?
It is currently the highest waterproof rating in this field, and need to test lights in water vapor.While IP68 rates usually means test LED light in water for a long time. They are different testing environment.
Q: Can I get replacement if there is warranty ?
We have good reputation in the market for providing quality products.
In case there is warranty problem, please firstly send us photo and breather number.

Then our QC section take care of it very soon, and see if repair it or send new replacement.

Q: How many lights can AURORA produce one month?
Around 500,000pcs.
Q: Can I get some catalogs or manuals, so we can deliver to customers ?
Yes. You can ask our sales team for some catalogs when place order.

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