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10 Inch 100W E-Mark Dual Row Led Lights
【Brief】:AURORA lights are best lights with highest brightness which pass the waterproof rating. Lights passed IP68&IP69K, SAE, RoHS, E-mark certificate etc.
【Series】:E-mark Led Lights

Aurora 10 Inch 100W E-Mark Dual Row Led Lights

1. Product Introduction of 10 inch Emark R112 led light bars

Aurora light bar have passed E-mark( E50 R112 and E9),got ISO9001 certificate to ensure superior performance and strict quality control.
Aurora light bars are salable in all European market with no electromagnetic interference when used on vehicles.

2. Product Specification of 10 inch Emark R112 led light bars

3. Product Features Of 10 inch Emark R112 led light bars

E-mark light bar:
1)E-mark approved product can sell around European market freely.
2)E-mark approval means products no electromagnetic interference,so safe for user.
3)ensure high quality of products and require manufacturer's quality control pass ISO9000 above standard.
Aurora factory passed ISO9001.
4)with E-mark, products can sell at a higher price for its superior quality,and are preferentially chosen by customers.

4. Product Details of 10 inch Emark R112 led light bars

5. Product Application of 10 inch Emark R112 led light bars

Off Road, ATV, SUV, Truck, Engineering Vehicles, UTV, Special Vehicles, Mining, Jeep, Boat, Heavy Machines etc. 

6. Product Certificate of 10 inch Emark R112 led light bars 


7. Delivery, Shipping and Serving of 10 inch Emark R112 led light bars  


Q: What Cree LED chips do you use ?
We use original A grade CREE LED chips. Let say CREE XML, CREE XBD, CREE XTE etc.
Some suppliers who provide cheap light bar may also said they use CREE LED, while you can check if they use original or not.
Q: What is the warranty ?
The warranty is 2 years.

Q: How can I get your price?

Please tell us your needed models and quantity? price will be quoted accordingly.

Q: What is IP69K waterproof ?
It is currently the highest waterproof rating in this field, and need to test lights in water vapor.
While IP68 rates usually means test LED light in water for a long time. They are different testing environment.

Q:How do you control quality? 
We have strict quality test such as Salty Spray Test, High/Low Temperature test, UV test, aging test, waterproof test, vibration test, etc. on every part of our products.Materials will be checked before production with record. 
All finished products will be full-checked double times before put into warehouse and shipment.

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